We will provide your dog, cat, bird, fish or other pets the care they need while you’re away.


Your Pets Will:

                 » receive daily exercise & playtime

                 » stay in their own secure, familiar environment

                 » follow their customary routine, schedule and diet

                 » avoid exposure to illness from other animals

                 » receive loving, individualized attention

                 » avoid stress

                 » be there waiting for you when you return home


Your Home Will:

                 » look lived in when the lights & blinds are alternated

                 » have normal mail and newspaper delivery

                 » have normal trash pickup


We can also help care for your pets even when you’re not leaving home. 

Call us if you have:

                 » unusual working hours

                 » unexpected travel

                 » illness or injury that may make it difficult to care for your pet


Additional Services Available:

                 » Training

                 » Walking

                 » Housebreaking



Caring Pet Sitters is ready to provide the loving care your pets deserve.