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Hi, my name is Baskie and I was Caring Pet sitters first client. I ‘ll be the first to admit, I wasn’t too sure about this pet sitting thing . When you’re the boss of the house like I am, you can’t be too careful about who you let into your house.

But I found out how much fun it is having my friendly pet sitter come to visit. We go for long walks and I love to chase her around the dining room table. And she gives great belly-rubs.

I rate her Two Paws UP!


Well, I don’t even know why I need a pet sitter. My humans can be so aggravating sometimes. I mean, they treat me like a child!  If they’d just show me how to use the can opener, I wouldn’t even need them at all.

Like last time. There I was, snoozing on the back of the couch, when in walks in this sitter person. I mean really. How rude!  She cleaned my litter box and even swept up all the litter I had carefully arranged around it. Don’t they understand that I’m an artist?

And then she hid treats around the house and I had to run around and find all of them.

Oops! I just remembered I forgot to check under the couch.  Ah-HA! There’s another one! Om-nom-nom….



I am so glad Mom and Dad found you. I really hated going to the kennel every time they left town for a few days and especially when I was sick.

You took such good care of me and gave me lots of pets and love when I didn’t have enough energy to walk very far.

And you are always there when I need you.


Now that I’m retired, I have a lot of free time on my paws.  Mom was worried I’d get fat and lazy just lying on her bed all day and watching those darn squirrels that taunt me from just outside the door.

But Caring Pet Sitters sent over a personal trainer who takes me out  for long walks around the neighborhood and to the Dog Park where I can run and play with my friends!

Now I can stay in top physical shape and one of these days… POW! Them squirrels are gonna get it!

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